7 Company Christmas Raffle Ideas That Will Let Everyone Wish To Hit the Jingle Bell Jackpot!

Are you ready to wear your lucky socks for that most anticipated annual Christmas party raffle bonanzas? Whether you are naughty or nice, it doesn’t matter because everybody will have that one-time chance of a lifetime to be picked as the lucky winner to bring home the prize [So, don’t lose that precious raffle ticket of yours!]

In prep for this ever-exciting Christmas Raffle event, Megafurniture handpicked a wonderland of potential company Christmas Raffle ideas that would [definitely] excite your co-workers.

Company Christmas Raffle Idea # 1: Coffee Makers

Company Christmas Raffle Idea # 1: Coffee Makers Singapore


If you are looking for a company Christmas raffle idea that would create a buzz among your co-workers before that annual holiday raffle draw kicks -in, you are in for a treat. A coffee maker is a kitchen appliance that would leap into action to save you from endless yawns and half-opened eyes in the office. We’re sure your co-workers will all be excited to win one for themselves. 

Megafurniture Pick:

Odette Drip Style Coffee Maker

$89.90 $119.90

Workplace Holiday Raffle Idea # 2: Breakfast Bundles

Workplace Holiday Raffle Idea # 2: Breakfast Bundles Singapore

A comforting and enjoyable start to the day. Hmm, that sounds exciting. Like our precious coffee maker, this one is also a perfect holiday raffle prize idea for our co-workers, who are always on the go.  Let’s think win-win here.  A cosy morning indulgence to set a positive tone at work equals a highly productive individual [Are you convinced already?]. So, without further ado, here’s a breakfast bundle, ideal for a company raffle gift.

Megafurniture Pick:

Odette Breakfast Bundle: Jukebox Series — Red


Company Christmas Raffle Idea # 3:Oven Toasters

Company Christmas Raffle Idea # 3: Oven Toasters Singapore


This one is consistently the star of every workplace holiday raffle—our mighty oven toasters. The oven toasters would pop up whenever people sourced for holiday raffle prize ideas, and they always win the bid. Here’s probably why: Giving away an oven toaster as a holiday raffle prize is like offering a practical, stylish, and enjoyable addition to someone’s daily routine. It’s versatile and very convenient to use. 

Megafurniture Pick:

TOYOMI 9L Toaster Oven TO 944


Company Christmas Raffle Idea # 4:  Air Fryers

Company Christmas Raffle Idea # 4:  Air FryersSingapore

Here’s another company raffle idea that would excite your officemates,  just like kids in a toy store. It’s the marvel in the kitchen- the air fryers. This kitchen appliance promises a delicious and healthier meal and hassle-free cooking. It’s like a lifestyle upgrade wrapped up in a raffle ticket!

Megafurniture Pick:

Toyomi 24L EasyHealth Air Fryer Oven AFO 2424RC


Workplace Holiday Raffle Idea # 5: Stand Fans

Workplace Holiday Raffle Idea # 5: Stand Fans Singapore

Expect excitement and envious sighs when the drum rolls and the winning ticket is drawn because here’s a stand fan, standing mightily on stage, ready to be taken home. This humble stand fan might seem simple, but it is a cool (literally and figuratively!) addition to your office or home. Sounds like a winning workplace holiday raffle idea, right?

Megafurniture Pick:

TOYOMI 16″ Stand Fan FS 4024R


Company Christmas Raffle Idea # 6:Evaporative Air Coolers

Company Christmas Raffle Idea # 6: Evaporative Air Coolers Singapore

Here’s a breath of fresh air in the world of office raffle prizes. A magical machine that doesn’t just cool the air but does it in an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, and health-friendly way. If you have co-workers who are oozing with a high green conscience, our evaporative air coolers are just the right holiday raffle prize. This kind of prize can make you feel good in many ways. 

Megafurniture Pick:

EuropAce 4-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler ECO 6301W

$399.00 $599.00

Workplace Holiday Raffle Idea # 7:Air Conditioners

Workplace Holiday Raffle Idea # 7:Air Conditioners Singapore

Everyone’s eyes will be on this — the grand company holiday raffle prize—air conditioners. This ultimate grand prize will put everyone on the edge of their seats [while another drum roll will be played inside the party venue]. Who would not want to win one? This workplace holiday raffle idea is not merely a prize; it’s a game-changer, a life-enhancer, and quite possibly the coolest win ever!

Megafurniture Pick:

Panasonic System 1 Aircon CUPU9WKZ-CSPU9WKZ

On sale from $839.00

And there you have it. A sleigh full of Christmas company raffle ideas, ready to be showcased on the stage of your Christmas party venue. These raffle prizes will let everyone savour the joy, fun and excitement the holiday season brings. 

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